Church Heatmap

About Innovators Greenhouse

Innovators Greenhouse is an initiative originating within The United Methodist Church, but networking far beyond.  We seek to connect ministry innovators with others who share their spirit, their creativity and their love for the people around them in an ever-changing culture.

The Heat Map

The Heat Map project exists to help ministry innovators tell their stories to others who would like to learn from what they are doing.  Any ministry leader or team member may map their church or ministry initiative on our map, so long as they operate within the United States.  Each new point on the map will be approved by a heat map administrator, to be sure that it fits the profile of the projects that we wish to map:

Characteristics of Projects welcome to the Map include:

  • Suspends at least one major assumption of conventional churches in order to reach new people
  • Designed as much for the people outside organized religion as for the folks inside
  • Designed with attention to the sensibilities of persons under the age of 35
  • Plays with fresh models and rhythms of gathering
  • Plays with fresh models of funding and sustainability
  • Explores different configurations of leadership and decision making
  • Mixes people who do not ordinarily mix at church
If your church or ministry meets at least a couple of the above points, we invite you to MAP YOURSELVES!

Once enough ministries are mapped, innovators will be able to easily discover others doing similar things, without relying on judicatory leaders to filter such information to them.  It is our hope that this information highway system will empower grassroots leader to expedite further innovation in all parts of the United States, both geographically and culturally.